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Name:Skysong "Kitten"

The Basics:

Character Name: Skysong (nickname: Kitten)
Series: Tamora Pierce's Tortall books
(The Immortals quartet & The Dragon's Tale)
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Age: 16

(A note on dragon ages: Infancy lasts until around the age of 30, and adulthood is not reached until into their centuries. Kitten's grandfather, for instance, is considered venerable but not entirely ancient at about 59 centuries old. Dragon infants are vastly more capable than the word infant would generally lead one to think though.)

Kitten is a baby dragon, two and a half feet long, plus an extra fifteen inches of tail. Her wings are too small and not yet developed enough for flight; she's still really just an infant. Her eyes are either amber or light blue (descriptions have varied between books), and they turn silver at times. She has silver claws, and she is covered with scales that are typically sky blue in color with hints of gold, Skysong a very fitting name for her. Her coloring does alter according to her mood though: red when angry, pink for afraid, gray when sulking, and she gets paler and paler when exhausted. In Luceti, her wings will change color to match her scales. Lightnings sometimes flicker over her body when she is distraught. She looks heavier than she is, and dragons are hollow-boned like birds.

History and Canon Point
Can be found here.


This is an RP journal for The Immortals' Skysong at Luceti, played by tricia868. Kit is Tamora Pierce's creation.

AIM: trichan868
Plurk: tricia868
Email: tricia868 at gmail dot com

Profile layout by trichan868.

Profile art by the amazing and talented Lynxgriffin.
Abilities & Personality
Abilities/Weaknesses: Kitten is strong for her size, and her hearing and sense of smell are somewhat above human levels. Her claws are strong and sharp enough to gouge deep marks into stone. Kitten's scales change color from their usual gold-tinged sky blue with her mood: white when exhausted, yellow when embarrassed, red when angry, pink when frightened, and grey when sulking. Kitten can understand the speech of both humans and animals, though they cannot understand hers unless they happen to understand vocal dragon language. Kitten also has a bit of an iron stomach. While the young dragon will dash for water if she experimentally eats something horribly spicy, she can ingest a box of myrrh with no more adverse effects than burping smoke for a week. She cannot yet fly, nor can she swim. Kitten is very much an earthbound creature at this point in time.

As for magical abilities, Kitten can unlock doors and barriers, both physical or magical, through use of her voice. She can sense magic if she tries, and reveal where it is being used, with a particular talent for finding spells of listening and espionage. She naturally senses illusions, and chances are if you're skulking about invisibly she'll bite you if you refuse to show yourself when she calls you out. This affinity to illusions and disguise carries over into her own abilities. Kitten can make deliberate color changes to her scales as well as involuntary ones, using a chameleon-like camouflage when desired. She can also perform concealment and illusion spells designed to fool even powerful magic users, a necessary component considering her parents' magical power. Kitten can use silence spells, and, with a good deal of concentration, a spell to call up a mini tornado for wiping away tracks behind her.

Kitten also possesses magics that are useful in a combative sense, either to counter existing magic, to defend from attack, or to attack or destroy. A series of vocal spells of varying intensity performs a large range of functions. Among these are a squawk that can destroy a bridge or a mid-level barrier spell, a whistle that can split or shatter bone, another whistle that can reduce rock to gravel, and a screech that destroys weapons. Kitten can breathe fire, call fire to an area around her, and make air around her red with her anger. In an emergency, a desperate yowl can deflect a magical attack. She can prepare a spell, released with a hiss, that will eat away at magical barriers like acid does at objects. Finally, she can create an effective shielding spell.

A few other handy abilities include reaching into the ground to sense disturbances and faultlines, testing water for contamination, calling light to rocks, neatening up a person's hair and clothes with a whistle, putting out the lights with a sound, and a spell to lift things off the ground temporarily. Some powers that will likely be of no use to her in Taxon are her ability to easily cross borders like those that divide the Mortal and Divine Realms and her ability to control wyverns.

This comprises a lot of power for someone who is still a child. Kitten's upbringing has made her more advanced than other dragons her age in maturity and cleverness as well as in magical ability, but she is still very young. If Kitten's temper is tried too far, or she acts without thinking in a fit of emotion, she could easily wind up doing something she regrets. She also wavers between wanting support and assistance and wanting to do things on her own, so she can wind up in situations over her head, particularly without her usual support systems in place. Kitten is easily bored and while she won't quite go looking for trouble, she will go looking for something interesting to do. Funny how often those two things have the potential to overlap.

Personality: Dragons are curious about nearly everything by nature, and Kitten is no exception. Skysong is clever, intelligent, and curious, and will keep track of everything that goes on around her, whether anyone tells her what's happening or not. She loves secrets and knowledge of all sorts, and has been known to take an interest in everything from political negotiations to the properties of different rock types. Generally cheerful and helpful, Kitten is still very young, and subject to the same type of sulking that a child will do when she does not get her way. She's playful, and is sad when people or animals around her won't include her in their activities. Not to mention bored. She forms definitive opinions of people and creatures, demonstrating without a doubt when she likes someone, and not hesitating to tell off anyone who deserves it, even if he happens to be a god or an emperor. Possessing a strong sense of justice and logic, Kitten gets angry when she sees anyone treated unfairly.

Few people may understand her words, but Kitten always manages to make her feelings known. Her mental accuity definitely matches that of adult humans, her knowledge limited only by how little time she has had to acquire it. Emotionally, she often seems to be at a child's level, although she can be surprisingly mature in that respect at times. Kitten's biggest frustration is her inability to effectively communicate with those around her. She dislikes being feared or treated as an unintelligent creature, and she has a lot of things to say if only people understood her. She tends to be quite the chatterbox on the rare occasions she finds someone who does.

Family is very important to the dragon, and she sees her adoptive human family as her parents and siblings regardless of any difference in species. They care for her, and she loves them unconditionally. That family is larger still when you take into account the many animals who congregate around Daine.

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